Would you like Donegal’s business development agencies (Enterprise Ireland, Údarás and LEO) to assist you introduce digital technology into your business?

Or….are you interested in technical and financial support to pilot a digital marketing or process integration solution in your company?

Údarás, LEO and Enterprise Ireland – as part of the Donegal Digital initiative – are inviting your company and others to attend this workshop to gauge interest and agree how this could be taken forward. The focus is to identify concrete opportunities that can be implemented by companies.

We will also present and get your input into a recent survey carried out to help identify the challenges companies face in introducing new technologies, such as lack of time and skills issues. You may have participated in the survey already or would like to add to it.

Companies from Donegal’s digital sector are also invited. In addition to development agencies, staff from LYIT, CoLab and the Wisar lab will also assist you at the workshop.

The workshop is organised as part of a wider European Union project called DEVISE, which is exploring how companies in the digital sector can provide better practical solutions for ordinary companies.


Would you like to know more?

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Email: name@ernact.eu