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Innovation-as-a-Service (IaaS) project is funded by Enterprise Ireland, aims to increase the uptake of disruptive technology solutions by SMEs in the Border region to accelerate their competitiveness and innovation levels. This is key to enabling SMEs to address the twin threats of Brexit and Covid-19. The lead partner ERNACT is working hard behind the scenes on creating the projects directory.

The ERNACT Communications Manager is leading the online content creation with the input of the partnership. Setting up measurable Communication Objectives was vital for the IaaS project. The development and deliverance of the IaaS brand and communication plan leverages and respects the three different categories of organisations involved. Key aspects focus on the support of communications between the hubs and their clients. 

The IaaS project intends to target 120 SMEs in the Border region, with a view of identifying 60 new solutions and implementing 4.0. Key messages will be disseminated through the project website, partners’ social media, online communication campaigns, workshops, webinars & press releases.

On October, the lead partner ERNACT held the first advisory board meeting. Important discussions were had around the focus of the project and further research which is required. In addition, the proposed steering committee panel was agreed upon.

The first steering committee meeting is currently in the pipeline…

You can keep up with updates and progress on the IaaS | Innovation-as-a-Service website and on social media at @IaasProject or #IaaSProject!


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