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On the 26th of July Enterprise Ireland funded Innovation-as-Service Project (IaaS project), visited the Irish Midlands to capture their smart technology solutions and we had the opportunity to visit Industry 4.0 labs and training centres, such as, the Connected Media Application Design and Delivery (COMAND) based at the Software Research Institute (SRI) of Athlone Campus at the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS). We captured the smart solutions in their Robot Room, Robotics Training lab and the COMAND Centre.

The COMAND Technology Gateway is delivering industry-focused technology solutions for the software industry across multiple media platforms focused on cross-platform applications, mobile media cloud, 3D sensing, and the interoperability for the Internet of Things. These technologies are complementary and combine to create the opportunity for new and innovative forms of “connected media” – personalised, real-time, interactive applications – in a wide range of commercial fields including telecoms, gaming, TV, e-health, e-learning, e-tourism, e-retailing, entertainment, and digital marketing.

COMAND is working with a range of SME’s and Multinationals across various industries in the IT, Software and Connected Media Fields. Its research engineers have extensive experience working with industry and other academic collaborators worldwide.
In showcasing the smart technology, the IaaS team completed virtual tours of labs, with a focus on the services their equipment can provide. The industry 4.0 solutions are being captured to display on the IaaS project’s directory of services that will be available soon.

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